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Lunch time we continue to see a crater mount Batur with a view of lake Batur in here visitor possible to chose a local or international restaurant...
Besakih temple is famous with named mother temple, because this temple is a biggest temple in Bali and a central of all kind of temple around Bali..
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detail tour | contact us
Farm activities to harvest in paddies crop, on the way to he largest rice field hot spring is nice to try for swim and take some pictures the beauty of mount Batukaru..
Dolphin will appearance from the see about 6.30 Am this tours is better combination to others such as hot spring at Banjar Village..
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detail tour | contact us
It is a lot of activities can you see as a local market, museum, old village, and you possible make around by Dokar ride (Small transport by horse power)..
By riding elephants is Bali it means you help other elephant in Sumatra by providing founds for food and land to make sure there houses remain protected..
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detail tour | contact us
Enjoy a peaceful ride a long the beach before passing through bamboo & alang-alang plantation where wild banana tree..
Mount cycling tour is of the best ways to fulfill your wish, you will discover not only the unexposed sites of the island but also you will get to witness the daily life of traditional farmers..
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Join our professional team for superb white water rafting adventures, experience, unique and in forget table journey through winding gorges, luscious jungles..
A change to see traditional Balinese life & nature magnificent flora and fauna tropical bird & animals explore old nature lave skirting “Penet River Valley”..
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detail tour | contact us
Rafting & Animal Show, Join our professional for superb white water rafting adventures with a unique experience and unforgettable journey through winding Georges..
Natural village & rice field rafting activities, refreshment tea or coffee, Balinese cake, lunch, donation & insurance cover..
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detail tour | contact us
Learn how to grind, mic & prepare the abundant herbs and species which add the unique texture & flavoe to Balinese dishes..
Odyseey submarine is an odyssey II submarine constructed using the latest advanced tecnlogy which accomodates 36 passengers with 2 pilots..
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Bali Safari & Marine Park : Jungle Hoper : US $ 35, Safari Lion : US $ 55, Rhino + US $ 99, Tiger + US $ 59, Leopard + US $ 75..
Quicksilver Surf School Bali, You’ll lear to surf in waist deep water with easy to ride small waves, we choose the safest and best area to surf in..
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Spa & Hair Beauty Salon, We offers a complete range of body treatment, stress reeducation, restore healthy & beauty & total wellbeing essence of traditional herbs, fresh fruit and plants5..
Dress Maker & Textile I offers to you individually made to suit your size & need: Business suites separates (Jacket, shirts, pants, dresses, shorts)...
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           offer the great deal price for rent car & motor bike with Driver or without Driver and always covered by insurance, give you the easy way to get way for your travelling..
It is one of the great seawater adventures in Bali giving the fantastic experience from every activity like Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Diving, Fishing, Glass Bottom..
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Bali Cruises are the great and exciting cruise to explore the Blue Ocean and Lembongan Island as the destination. You will get the fantastic experience during your lovely holiday in the Paradis..
THE BEST COMBINATION TRIP & ACTIVITIES, Ubud + White Water Rafting + Leg Massage (30 min), Rafting + 30 min Elephant Ride, Mongkey Forrest (Ubud) + Tanah Lot Tample + Buter Flay Park..
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Bali lie’s 3,2 km East of Java and approximately 8 degrees son of the equator. From east to west the island is approximately 153 km wide & 112 km from North to South (95 by 69 miles respectively with a surface area of 5,362 km2 measures approximately 140 by 80 km. located only 2 km from East Java, the island id famous for it’s beautiful landscape the highest point is mount Agung at 3,142 m (10,308 feet) high & active volcano that last erupted in March 1963.

The island is surrounded by coral feet’s, beaches in the South tend to have whites and while those in the North and West black sand. In area of Padangbai in the South east has borth : the main beach and the secret beach have white sand & the south beach & the blue Lagoon have much darker sand.



Balinese languages are bilingual or trilingual, there are several indigenous Balinese languages but most Balinese can also use the most widely spoken option : Modern common Balinese. The usage of different Balinese languages was traditionally determined by the Balinese caste system & by clan members hip, but this tradition is diminishing.



Bali is the largest Hindu outpost in the world outside India. Approximately 93% of Bali’s population adheres to Balinese Hinduism minority religions include Islam (5,7%) Christianity (1,4%) & Buddhism (0,6%) these official statistical figures don’t include immigrants from other parts of Indonesia.

Population & Character Of Balinese People

The statistic data per 2010 showed that total Bali population 3.216.881 with 50% men & 49,24% women. Population in Bali was recorded at 571 per square kilometer most of Balinese are Hindu.

The character of Balinese is basically a collective one, with goals all shared by the family the age group, the banjar 2 the caste.




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